Hi! I’m Wendy Yohe.

You don’t want a “one-trick pony”. You need a UNICORN. 🦄

You need that rare breed of virtual assistants who can handle multiple tasks with ease. You need someone who delights in creative endeavors like writing and design, then knocks out the techy tasks with a one-two punch.

You need a versatile, dynamic team member who can anticipate the needs of your business and just get sh*t done. You need a unicorn.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wendy Yohe, and I may be the unicorn digital marketing assistant you’ve been looking for.

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Web Design

Looking for quick site updates, tech help, or full site designs?

Social Media

Need help keeping your social media posts consistent & relevant?

Content Creation

I can help create & optimize engaging content for all online platforms.

Email Marketing

Need help maintaining and growing your email lists?

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online and connect your business to your customers.

sales funnels

I can help set up and optimize sales funnels and automations.

I have the technical expertise + online business strategy know-how + design skills to help you grow your business online.

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